Making, Design Fiction
This is a team project collaborated with Melody Ling, Tao Liu and Jou Yu
Role: Unity and physical robot simulation, video shooting and editing


In form of an alien, this proejct represents affordances of AI, such as machine learning, in a fictional world. Oola, the fictional alien, is a galaxy artist who likes to travel around the space to collect different materials to creat its own art. This project also tends to explore possiblities of how AI may support human in harzardous environment, view art and create art. 


Design Brief

Phillip van Allen 
This project explores the design of AI systems that help people with difficult things. Imagine how a small robot might assist people who have a disability, or are working in constrained situations or in life and death tasks such as working in space, or some other difficult circumstance. As a way to explore new approaches for AI and get past cliched design strategies, students must design the robot as if it already had an alien way of communicating and understanding the world that it was taught by its native civilization. Because it has this background, it communicates and behaves in odd ways that may seem strange to humans. Creating this backstory is part of the assignment. It is an intentionally strange, science fiction UX persona.


Delft AI Tool Kit , Unity, Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Story Board

Selected Animation Scenes


On one hand, this project tends to show the conflict of possible misunderstanding between human and alien (AI) due to the fact that alien is speaking a different language (coding) and may have different intentions that human may have. On the other, this project also want to advocate proper usage of AI in ways that can support and inspire human in ways like entering harzardous environment that human may not able to survive and seeing waste as art materials. As a designer, I belive imaginations of alternative, new ways of usage of innovative technology should live in a world that is responsible, harmonious and strength of different beings can be used in ways that suits them.